What do you think?

  • Doug Hall

    This is an exciting new resource, which I hope other @INN news organizations emulate!

  • CT Yankee

    That’s it? Just numbers? Interesting… in an academic sort of way. The *problem* is that the Left are enamored with simple majority rule. They believe that if 50.1% of the population support a certain idea then the other 49.9% should *willingly* fall into line. That’s not the way all human beings think.

    Numbers are OK, let’s make certain that the numbers that show how badly the Left has done are displayed as prominently as the ones that convey the opposite message!

    Remember: liars figure and figures lie!

  • Chris McQuilken

    I think this website is fantastic. it’s all in the numbers. I often quote your research as a starting point for discussions.