One in three Connecticut residents believes global warming is not happening

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Courtesy of the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication and the George Mason Center for Climate Change Communication

One in three Connecticut residents think global warming is not happening — but more than half, 56 percent, are worried about it. About 51 percent believe global warming is caused by human activities, but just 45 percent believe most scientists think it is happening.

These are the results of a national survey from 2008 and 2014, conducted by climate change communication groups at Yale University and George Mason University.

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But compared to the nationwide average, more Connecticut residents believe that 1) global warming is happening, 2) it is mostly caused by humans and 3) most scientists believe it is happening. It isn’t by a wide margin, though:

On global warming: Connecticut vs. the nation
Topic Nation Connecticut
Global warming is happening 63% 66%
Global warming is caused mostly by human activities 48% 51%
Most scientists think global warming is happening 41% 45%
Source: Yale Project on Climate Change Communication and the George Mason Center for Climate Change Communication

A comprehensive study in 2013 showed that 97 percent of scientists believed in climate change, and that it is very likely caused by human activities.

The data can be viewed by county, which reveals some differences in the sentiment even within state lines. For example, Fairfield County has among the largest percentage of people believing global warming is mostly caused by human activities (57 percent), while Windham County is on the lower end (46 percent).

View the interactive map at the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication.

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  • CTedFromTheTrenches

    This survey should have been done using ‘climate change’ rather than ‘global warming.’

  • Larry

    I just call it weather.

  • Mike

    Wow, Really? That means 2/3rds do believe in Global Warming! Did they watch Flintstones or Ice Age?

  • BB

    So 2/3s of CT residents are lunatics. This is news?

  • ED Doyle

    I think it just proves that more liberals/demos live in CT as proven by the people they elect and Global Warming/Climate Change is a liberal mantra. Facts don’t matter it’s what you think that matters that’s the liberal way.



  • bigforkgirl

    Ignorance of science is rampant.

  • CT Yankee

    Actually what it shows is that a majority of respondents want to be perceived as ‘scientifically savvy’, but the reality is that they are simply confusing Cause & Effect. This is not surprising. Since Dems are constantly mistaking Cause & Effect in every aspect of their political beliefs; what’s one more foolish decision?

    As an #EvidenceBasedDenier I would agree that there is evidence that humans have altered numerous aspects of the atmosphere. The evidence that there is more CO2 is undeniable. However, the magnitude of the influence of CO2 on the climate is *NOT* well understood by the models. That is to say that while CO2 does interact and affect the quantity & quality of energy retained by the atmosphere, that change of energy causes other effects that dwarf the changes caused by the CO2!

    The atmosphere is stabilized by a mechanism known as ‘negative feedback’. There are also contributions from positive feedback, (like CO2), but the sum of the feedbacks on the whole is strongly *NEGATIVE*. Negative feedback promotes stability of complex systems. There is so much excess of negative feedback that the ratio of energy input to energy output is balanced to just a few parts per million (PPM) over geological timescales, and historic periods too!

    And that is what all the MMGW nonsense is really about! The so called ‘Climate Scientists’ are reporting ‘changes’ that are measured in (PPM) over short (160 years) time spans. These changes are *TINY* in the scheme of things, and are significant only in the fact that they can be represented in the mathematics.

    The best analogy I can give is: Imagine Yo Yo Ma was playing Prelude Bach’s Cello Suite #1, and everything was perfect. Then between pieces there was a ‘Man Made Flaw’ introduced in the varnish… Not a gaping hole in the wood, just a small fleck of varnish the size of a Sharpie point. The *evidence* says the performance of Sarabande Bach’s Cello Suite #6 would not be ‘ruined’ by the change in the of a few PPM in the outermost layer of the cello. But the Climate Alarmists would go storming out to the box office demanding their tickets be refunded! Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

    –In Liberty