Data links: OpenVis 2015 Conference links, new data feeds, visualizations and surveys

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Occasionally, we’ll break from our usual routine and post an aggregated list of interesting links that we think will be interesting to our data-centric community.

The OpenVis Conference, a gathering about the practice of visualizing data on the web, was held early this week in Boston. Here’s a handful of interesting slides or tutorials mentioned there:

Something something

Ranking graph types by perceived correlation

Interesting links
  • From steak to mangoes, here are some water-hogging foods [LATimes]
  • Public opinion about climate change across the US [Yale]
  • An illustrated guide to all 456 deaths in Game of Thrones [Washington Post]
  • StackOverflow’s survey of developers [StackOverflow]
Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 1.56.11 PM


From StackOverflow

New data sets
  • Connecticut Racial Profiling Prohibition Project Data Portal [CDC]: A newly released user-friendly portal from the Connecticut Data Collaborative to explore data traffic stop data released in 2014. Stay tuned for a Q&A with the Connecticut Data Collaborative about the data set soon.
  • Department of Transportation’s real time feed of Active Roadway Incidents [XML]
  • Department of Transportation’s real time feed of Active DOT Roadway Construction Projects [XML]

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