State of the state: Almost half of Connecticut’s public school students are now minorities

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Close to half of the students attending Connecticut’s public schools are now minorities, and the rate of students who understand limited English or come from low-income families is at an all-time high.

Meanwhile, overall enrollment in the state’s public schools is declining.

These are some of the findings the State Department of Education reported Monday in the “Condition of Education in Connecticut” report.

“This is such a powerful document… It paints a picture that is important for us as we plan for the future,” said Estela López, a member of the State Board of Education from East Hartford.

Key findings include:

  • Many minority students attend homogenous schools. However, the department reports schools are becoming “increasingly diverse.” Last school year, one in four schools had student enrollment where more than 70 percent of the students were minorities.
  • Thousands of additional students come from low-income families. The rate of students qualifying for free- or reduced-price meals at school jumped from 27 to 37 percent during the last 10 years.
  • “Connecticut’s teaching force is quite homogenous.” Ninety-two percent of certified staff are white.
  • White students were disproportionately identified as having autism or a learning disability and Hispanic students with having speech or language impairments.
  • Participation in adult education programs has dropped by 20 percent over the last six years, a decline of 6,614 students. Education leaders tie this drop to a change in state law that bars 16-year-olds who drop out of high school from enrolling in an adult education program.
  • Black and Hispanic students are suspended at “substantially higher rates than their white counterparts.”
  • There were 56,000 students that missed more than 17 days of school last school year, which is 11 percent of public school students.
  • Many more high schools are offering students Advancement Placement courses. Nearly one-third of Connecticut’s high school graduates will pass at least one AP exam.
  • Graduation rates have increased over the last four years for every group of students.
  • Women are much more likely to go to college. Nearly 80 percent of females enrolled in college within one year of graduating high school compared to 68 percent of males.
  • Almost half of Connecticut’s high school graduates will complete college within six years.

If you see something else from the report, tell us in the comments.

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  • CT Yankee

    I think that this is just another golden example of what its wrong with the minds of the Progressive-Socialist Liberals.

    It’s about ‘cultures’ not ‘races’. Certain types of people build communities, infrastructures, and great works, they become the ‘majority’. Then Democrats encourage other ‘minority’ people move in and bring with them apathy, crime, poverty, lack of respect, and the property values plunge. Then the first group, the ones that built, decide to leave, causing the property values to plunge further & faster. More ‘minorities’ move in, more majorities move out. The State redistributes wealth from an ever shrinking pot, and prints reports about how the ‘majority’ has failed the minority!

    I challenge a Progressive to name something great built by ‘minorities’ that was degraded by an influx of the ‘productive majority’… The opposite of my challenge (previous paragraph) has *thousands* of examples — virtually every major city under Democrat rule has followed that path. And where the whole city contained multiple diverse neighborhoods, the whole scenario played out at the smaller scale as well.

    Conclusion: Democrats leave a fractal pattern of decay & destruction in their wake.

    Background: I attended the Public Schools, but they not only failed to teach, the schools suppressed ideas that didn’t fit with the Progressive agenda.

    Recommendation: Discard the Public (read ‘Government’) School System & the Federal Dept of Education and all the Progressive institutions that have failed to deliver despite exorbitant budgets.

    Comment: These systems are already dead-men-walking, the only task which remains is to bury them and allow something to emerge from the ashes. The only question is how much damage do we allow these zombies to inflict before we are *FORCED* to eliminate them with less orderly methods?

    • alvinschang

      Since this is a data site, I have to ask: Do you have data to back up your thesis? I ask because you hint there may be data: “The opposite of my challenge (previous paragraph) has *thousands* of examples…”

      • CT Yankee

        This is a forum. I was commenting. You are welcome to agree or disagree to a short piece of rhetoric. If I knew… If I cared… I’m not one to simply repost dry data, I leave that to others. I read the data and if it is biased or has a political agenda, then I comment. Don’t act shocked the oldest bromide in the lab is: “Draw your curves, then plot your data.”

        • alvinschang

          Well, as an editor of this site, I do try to insist that if one claims there is data — or thousands of examples — he or she shares it.

          • CT Yankee


            Instead of complaining about whatever it is your Progressive masters wish, why not cite *ONE* example? That should be easy.

            I *could* supply lots of data, but debating with a Progressive is like trying to argue with a steam whistle; lots of noise, hissing, spitting, and pulling on chains.

          • alvinschang

            My intent is not to dispute your claims. Rather, my only objective is to ask for the data when an argument is made using data. At TrendCT, we want to get away from name-calling and have conversations around data. I think you’ll find that, as long as you come in looking to make an data-based argument, people here will be willing to engage in a productive conversation.

  • Struggling with Technology

    I am having trouble downloading and printing the report. I posted this yesterday but the post was deleted.
    Is the report available on the SDE website?