Most popular type of food for mobile vendors in Hartford? Hot dogs

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More than a quarter of the food carts licensed in Hartford sell hot dogs.

There are 29 food carts or trucks that offer the traditional portable meal in a bun, according to data recently released by the City of Hartford. The second-most popular food trucks serve dessert, such as ice cream or cupcakes. The third-most popular serve Latin food.

The categories in the chart above were determined by TrendCT based on identifying the foods listed in websites related to the food truck or cart. What’s listed in the DBA or “Doing Business As” field in the data might be the name of the food truck or the individual or corporation operating the truck, so some of the listings in the set could not be identified or categorized. TrendCT has made the spreadsheet (with the additional data fields) public so anyone can edit or add to the category if they recognize an uncategorized mobile vendor.

Most of the food trucks and carts and caterers in Hartford first registered for licenses in 2007. Then the numbers of those taking out new licenses tanked to their lowest point in 2009. Since then, the number of new licenses has slowly rebounded.

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