Where do lottery winners come from?

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About $1.1 billion worth of lottery tickets were bought in Connecticut during the 2013 fiscal year — and almost 60 percent of them were instant games, like scratch cards.

A lot of attention is on games like Powerball. But sales for those games are volatile from year to year, and largely depend on the jackpot amount. The instant winners, however, have consistently accounted for about 60 percent of sales since the year 2000.

The Mirror did an analysis of lottery winners one year ago with two Trinity College students, Minh Anh Nguyen and Minh Nguyen, and found that winning tickets were most often claimed in less-affluent towns.

Towns with high minority rates and higher unemployment rates had more winners, suggesting residents from those towns played the lottery more often.

Drilling down, winning tickets for instant and daily games — the most-played games — were mostly claimed in less affluent towns, while games with bigger jackpots were more spread out.

Lottery winners often play the same game many times a day, and win a few times a week, meaning they play instant or daily games. The map below shows where people who have won at least 20 times have claimed these winning tickets, by town.

Note that the analysis of winners only looks at those who win more than $599. The database looks at winners from 1991 to 2013.

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  • enness

    If wealthy people used lottery tickets as a financial planning strategy, they would soon not be wealthy!

    • 00000000001

      One of the lottery commercials proves your point, making the lottery look desperate. There are these college age kids sitting at a table, having loads of fun focused on their lottery tickets. At the end of the commercial, there’s this minority guy coming up to the table in his wheelchair with lottery tickets in hand.

    • Lottery Stories Blog

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