CT towns with the most packies, and other newsworthy dataviz links

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This past week, a few notable events occurred in the news that inspired a few data stories. We’ve listed them below, along with other recent interesting data visualizations and data sets.

Just for fun, we made a choropleth map of towns in Connecticut with the most package stores per capita above based on recently released data from the state.

Newsworthy data stories
  • How safe are the new investments in Connecticut’s budget? [CTMirror.org]
  • 5 charts show the stubborn persistence of American hate crime [Washington Post]
  • CT law sharply reduced gun killings, study says [CTMirror]
  • The Health Care Supreme Court Case: Who Would Be Affected [New York Times]
  • Charts: Baltimore Crime, Before And After Freddie Gray’s Funeral [fivethirtyeight]
  • Where you’re most likely to get killed by animals [Washington Post]
Other interesting data visualizations and interactives
  • Most states show economic growth [Pew]
  • Reviving the Statistical Atlas of the United States with New Data [Flowing Data]
  • Is It Better to Rent or Buy [The Upshot]
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