How long is the commute from your town to work?

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There are some towns in Connecticut where it just takes residents longer to get to work.

Take Fairfield County, for example. For the average resident in Darien, it takes 35 minutes to get to work. In Westport, it’s 41, and in Weston it’s 42. Not just that, but for nearly one-third of Darien’s residents, it takes more than an hour to get to work — probably reflecting a large portion of people who commute to New York City.

But in other areas, the commute is light. Around New Haven, Hartford and New London, the average commute is a little more than 20 minutes. And in those areas, there are even significant numbers of people whose commute is less than 10 minutes.

TrendCT analyzed data from the 2013 American Community Survey to see how long it takes people to get to work. From town to town, the data says something very specific. For example, in Greenwich, there are people who stay in town — which gives them a commute under 20 minutes — and then there are the 20 percent of people who have commutes longer than one hour, hinting that they are leaving the state for work. Meanwhile, in Mansfield, home to the University of Connecticut, more than half the residents have commutes under 15 minutes, and only 5 percent have commutes longer than an hour.

Below is a map of the average commute time by town. It gives a good overview of where commutes may be the worst, but click on your town on the map at the top of the story to really dig into what’s happening.

A few things that jump out:

  • A significant number of people who live in the northwest and southeast corners of the state have very short commutes.
  • Residents who live along the I-91 corridor, from New Haven to Hartford, often have commutes between 10 and 19 minutes.
  • A good number of people who live around New Haven and around Hartford report they commute between 20 and 24 minutes.
  • Perhaps because this data is from a survey, not many people said their commute time was between 25 and 29 minutes.
  • People reporting their commute as between 35 and 44 minutes tend to live a few towns away from I-91. Those with commutes between 45 and 59 minutes tend to live another few towns away from I-91.
  • The large majority of people who have commutes longer than one hour live in Fairfield County.

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