What clients spent on lobbying this legislative session in Connecticut

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More than 900 groups spent almost $30 million trying to influence state government between January and June, the Connecticut Office of State Ethics has reported.

The Connecticut Business & Industry Association outspent all other groups, paying out about $1.5 million — or about $150 per member.

Two of the ten groups that spent the most were religious groups, the Knights of Columbus and Connecticut Catholic Public Affairs Conference. Among the most polarizing issues the legislature considered during its recently ended session was a measure that would have allowed doctors to prescribe lethal medication to mentally competent, terminally ill patients who request it. The bill failed to get out of committee.

Spending on efforts to influence the legislature or state agencies must be reported to the state ethics office. Today’s figures represent total spending. Tomorrow, we’ll break down some of the main spending categories, including administrative lobbying, legislative lobbying, and media buys.

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