More than $200,000 in state electric vehicles rebates claimed since May

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Since May, more than 100 residents have taken advantage of Connecticut’s financial incentive program to buy or lease electric vehicles. More than $200,000 in rebates have been claimed so far.

The Connecticut Hydrogen and Electric Automobile Purchase Rebate, or CHEAPR, has $1 million set aside from the Northeast Utilities/NSTAR merger settlement fund to offer rebates of between $700 and $3,000, depending on the vehicle’s battery size. The federal government already gives a $7,500 tax credit for EV purchases.

When the program started in May, only about 1,600 electric vehicles were registered with the state. “There’s definitely been an uptick in sales,” said DEEP spokesperson Dennis Schain. “To move 100 of them in two months is pretty good.”

More than 1/5 of the fund has been distributed. At this rate, the EV fund should be gone by March.

TrendCT looked at the three months of available data to check on progress.

The Ford C-Max Energi, a hybrid SUV which goes for around $32,000, was the most popular model. Ford sold 10 times more hybrids than electric-only models— 40 versus 4.

The Nissan LEAF and Volkswagon e-Golf tied for most popular plug-in electric cars, with 13 owners claiming rebates for each.

Popularity of CHEAPR rebate types
Type Count Amount Total
Less than 7 kWh 13 $750 $9,750
7 – 18 kWh 49 $1,500 $73,500
Greater than 18 kWh or any fuel cell electric vehicle 39 $3,000 $117,000
Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

Plug-in hybrids make up the majority of electric vehicle purchases.

Figures for June account for the largest number of purchases, but keep in mind that’s also the only full month of data so far available. The incentives program started May 19 and July’s data is missing the last week.

Nearly half of the rebates were for the middle-range battery capacity. Almost 50 rebates for $1,500 were claimed.

But the third tier of rebates for vehicles with large-capacity batteries and fuel cells totaled almost $120,000.

The southwestern part of the state got the bulk of the rebates, although the area of New Haven, Hamden, and East Haven tied with Stamford for most rebates received. However, Stamford topped New Haven in total rebate amount —$10,500 compared to $7,500.

Over by central Connecticut, Simsbury had the second-most rebate amount with $9,000. Four vehicle owners claimed rebates there since May.

Bethel had four rebates claimed since May — the most in a single zip code.

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