Nail salons per town in Connecticut

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More than nine out of 10 nail salons recently inspected by the state Department of Labor were found to have violated wage and hour laws such as paying less than minimum wage and failing to keep payroll records.

TrendCT wanted to analyze the numbers of nail salons in Connecticut but found statistics hard to come by. The Department of Public Health oversees licenses for hairdressers and barbers, but nail technicians are not required to have a license or certification in Connecticut.

So, like the government officials who conducted the investigations on Aug. 3, we turned to Yelp for answers.

Officials looked at stores in Hartford, New Haven, Stamford, Branford, Westport, Darien, and Southport.

But according to the data, Orange, Old Saybrook, Wilton and Morris have the most nail salons per 10,000 residents.

Stamford was a good choice since it has the most nail salons in the state with 31. But Hartford is not even in the top 20 for nail salons. Its neighbor West Hartford has the third-most at 25.

According to the data, there’s a pretty strong correlation (.65) between town population and nail salon stores.

Looking more specifically at zip codes, there doesn’t appear to be any correlation (.1) between a zip code’s median household income and the number of nail salons nearby.

Do more nail salons tend to be located in zip codes with more Korean residents? They own nearly 395 of the 900 estimated salons in Connecticut.

Not really. The coefficient is only at .3. That’s a weak positive correlation.

Explore the town data in the table below.

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