How hot has it been in Connecticut this summer?

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The complaints about the weather this August are justified. It’s been hotter this month in Connecticut on average compared to last year.

Though this summer has had fewer record-breaking hot days than last year, the difference in temperatures ranges from two to six degrees, depending on the part of the state.

Hartford’s average temperature in August 2014 was 70 degrees compared to 76 degrees so far this year. Meanwhile, New Haven has averaged about 74 degrees so far this month while last year it averaged 72.

Inspired by a couple of excellent weather data visualizations, TrendCT wanted to see how many record-breaking days there have been so far this year. The towns were chosen based on geographic variety. Visit our Github repo for a look at how we conducted the analysis.

Though it might not feel like it, there have been relatively few record-breaking hot days so far this summer compared to last year in many cities.

However, according to the chart above, Hartford had no record-breaking summer days last summer until September.

New Haven weather

New Haven had one record-breaking hot day in June last year. But so far this year, New Haven’s broken more records with its low temperatures. February this year in particular, when residents experienced an obscene amount of snow and discomfort, broke about 20 low and high temperature records.

When including the months of June and July, New Haven actually is one degree cooler on average this summer compared to last year (72 degrees compared to 71).

Stamford weather

Stamford is the only city that had a day with a high enough temperature to break a record.

Stamford’s average temperature is 75 degrees so far this August compared to 70 degrees last year.

New London weather

New London did not experience much fluctuation in temperature, except in the winter, with eight days of record-breaking low temperature.

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