How much do graduates of Connecticut’s colleges make?

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The White House has released a huge amount of data on the nation’s colleges and other schools participating in the Federal Pell Grant program through the U.S. Department of Education’s website.

With a quick search, visitors can find comparative data on all institutions of higher learning, including average annual cost, graduation rate and salary after attending.

In Connecticut, graduates of cosmetology schools and art colleges make the least amount of earnings 10 years after enrolling, according to the analysis.

Schools that produce the highest earners were those that catered to teaching advanced technical skills like Rennselaer Hartford Graduate Center or specialized healthcare like Bridgeport Nursing and St. Vincent’s College. Private schools such as Fairfield University and Yale University also topped the list.

A deeper dive into the figures can show how much the real cost is per student by level of income, as well as debt load.

The Obama administration collected the data in an effort to create grades for every college, but backed down after lobbying from schools. Instead, the data was released as part of the U.S. Department of Education’s new Scorecard website this week.

TrendCT conducted a cursory analysis of the data. The charts below look at the highest and lowest five scoring colleges in Connecticut by category. Scroll down to the bottom to see the comprehensive table for all schools, including technical high schools that participated in the Federal Pell Grant program.

But there’s so much more to analyze, such as how debt affects graduation rates for groups in different income levels — and how that affects earnings in the future. Download and play with the data, if you’d like.

Be sure to check out ProPublica’s excellent “Debt by Degrees” database.

Note: Though this type of broad data analysis is useful for institutions that have been in existence for decades, it might not necessarily apply to schools going through a transitionary period or just starting up.

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  • Jill S Keith

    As always, TrendCT provides an effective analysis of a critically important topic. Thank you!

  • Orville Reddenbecker

    Sadly, even for UCONN graduates, the median wage doesn’t say much about a college education. Let’s keep making sure wages are kept really low in CT. The wealthy depend on it.