How much people spend on rent in Connecticut

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Connecticut ranks fifth among the states in households that spend more than half their income on rent

In Connecticut 26.7 percent of households pay more than 50 percent. The state ranked 7th in percent of households that pay more than 30 percent for rent.

California had the highest percentage of households that spent more than half of what they made on rent at 28 percent. South Dakotas had the lowest, with 17 percent.

According to the new 2014 American Community Survey estimates, more than 10 million renter and homeowner households nationally pay more than 50 percent of their annual incomes for rent.

The Census released results of several new surveys today, providing new estimates for income, poverty and health insurance coverage. Connecticut’s uninsured rate dropped below 7 percent, and the rate fell in all states across the country. See the Connecticut Mirror story on Connecticut’s uninsured rate here.

Officials recommend not spending more than 30 percent of annual income for rent lest they face difficulty affording other necessities, such as clothing, food, transportation and medical care.


New Haven and Hartford are the counties with the highest percentage of households paying more than half of income for rent. However, that share has decreased slightly since 2013 in New Haven. Middlesex and Windham counties have also seen drops.

Litchfield County had the largest increase since 2013 in households paying more than 50 percent of income for housing (almost 8 percentage points).

Windham County had more households than any other county that spent more than the recommended 30 percent of income on rent at 57 percent. That share has been increasing in that county since 2012.

Hartford and Litchfield counties have seen the percentage of households spending more than 30 percent declining since a high in 2011.

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  • Joseph Brzezinski

    Is there a way to calculate the proportion of rent represented by state and local taxes. Is CT high because taxes on rental property are so high?