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Use the tool below to explore how much money each presidential candidate received from Connecticut residents, according to itemized disclosures.

What’s itemized?

This data, from the Federal Election Commission, does not include non-itemized contributions — that is, small donations that are reported to the FEC as one nationwide, lump sum.

Whether to individually report these small donations — those less than $200 — is up to each candidate’s campaign.

Furthermore candidates do not have to report the number of non-itemized donations, so an average cannot be calculated for those donations if they are not reported individually.

What we found

In our review, we found most candidates do report donations below the $200 threshold. However, candidates may choose to disclose none, some or all items below this threshold, so the fact that some smaller donations are reflected in this data doesn’t mean that all smaller donations are itemized.

Candidates’ smallest itemized contributions in Connecticut
Candidate Contribution amount (in dollars)
Sanders 1
Rubio 3.05
Carson 5
Cruz 5
O’Malley 5
Paul 5
Fiorina 13
Kasich 16
Santorum 20.16
Huckabee 22.5
Graham 25
Lessig 25
Christie 30
Bush 50
Walker 50
Trump 100
Webb 100
Perry 500
Pataki 750
Jindal 2700
Federal Elections Commission

Contributions navigator

The table below shows all the itemized contributions from Connecticut to presidential candidates through Sept. 30.

What do you think?

  • CT native

    The table should be mapped with color coded towns to highlight those that are the biggest contributors. This would show the usual suspects in Fairfield County, but also uncover the interesting fact that New Haven and Hamden contribute a lot more than Hartford and West Hartford.