Maps: Where CT’s contributions to presidential candidates come from

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Fairfield County is the hot spot for contributions to presidential campaigns, according to the most recent itemized filings with the Federal Election Commission.

TrendCT mapped the total itemized contributions for all candidates combined and broke out the contributions to the top fund-raising candidates, Democrat Hillary Clinton, who raised $1.1 million in Connecticut, and Republican Jeb Bush, who raised $839,450.

Itemized presidential campaign contributions by zip code
Data through Sept. 30.

What’s itemized?

Contributions of less than $200 do not have to be itemized in filings with the FEC. Candidates report only the nationwide total of non-itemized donations, so they are not included in these Connecticut reports.

Mapping by zip code

Candidates report individual contributors’ zip codes, not their hometowns, which presents a mapping challenge. Though many zip codes correspond to a town, some towns include many zip codes and some zip codes many include more than one town.

Zip codes aren’t neat areas like town boundaries, and in some cases don’t represent physical locations at all.

We relied on mapping data from the UConn Map and Geographic Information Center for the shapes of each zip code.

There were 13 zip codes that didn’t have shapes associated with them: 06072, 06128, 06258, 06520, 06530, 06604, 06721, 06813, 06823, 06829, 06836, 06838 and 06852. The total contributions from those zip codes made up about 1% of the contributions.

All itemized contributions

All of the itemized contributions, even those which couldn’t be mapped, can be seen in the table below.

To see all individual contributions from a specific location, click the location name.

We use the word “location” because some of the zip codes represent portions of towns, such as Old Greenwich, which is a part of Greenwich.

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