Analyzing campaign contributions in Connecticut’s U.S. Senate race

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Aside from those coming from his home state, Democratic U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal has received sizable donations for the 2016 election from California, New York, Massachusetts, and Texas.

Meanwhile, August Wolf, a former Olympic shot putter seeking the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in 2016, has actually raised more money for his campaign from individual donors next door in New York than in Connecticut.

The data released from the Federal Election Commission is current to the end of September, so it doesn’t include figures from a recent high-dollar fundraiser for Wolf hosted by billionaire industrialist David Koch.

TrendCT has looked at presidential campaign contributions so far this year (here and here) but we also wanted to check out the race for Senate. We were helped by the release of last week, which makes it easier for the public to browse campaign finance data.

Overall, Blumenthall has raised more than $3 million from individual donors, PACs, and other contributors. About $2.5 million came from individual donors itemized in the report.

About $665,000 came from PACs, including Impact, America Works, and Blue Hen.

So far, Wolf has raised nearly $350,000. Nothing came from PACs, and most individual contributions came from New York and Pennsylvania.

Blumenthal has raised nearly $1 million in Connecticut while Wolf has raised just $48,000 in the state.

Wolf’s donors lived  in just six Connecticut towns. The bulk of the money raised came from Greenwich and Stamford. The total from Stamford (nearly $19,000) came entirely as in-kind contributions from Wolf himself and are listed as “to be reimbursed.”

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