Flying out of Connecticut for Thanksgiving? You might be waiting a while.

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U.S. Department of Transportation Bureau of Transportation Statistics
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Thanksgiving and the end-of-the-year holiday periods are the busiest for traveling out of state.

The six-day Thanksgiving travel period starting today sees an increase of long-distance trips by 54 percent more than the average week, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. That’s more than the Christmas/New Year holiday period, which rises by 23 percent.

Trend CT looked at airports and airlines with the longest delays to Bradley Airport, as well as average departure delays by airline and airport.

The map above visualizes the average departure delays using two decades of flight-delay data from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

But we wanted to look specifically at air travel during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Departure delays during the six-day Thanksgiving travel period
Between 2010 and 2014. Delay in minutes.
Carrier Flights late Avg. departure delay (all flights) Avg. departure delay (Late flights only)
American 3.76% 0.07 28.6
American Eagle 14.41% 8.5 68.6
Delta 6.94% 0.9 38.9
ExpressJet 9.57% 4.18 51.9
JetBlue 15.08% 3 43.7
SouthWest 16.64% 10 76
US Airways 5.88% 4.4 77.7
United 12% 4.9 46.5
U.S. Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Looking specifically at the Thanksgiving period back to 2010, Southwest Airlines had the highest ratio of flight delays at nearly 17 percent.

US Airways had the longest average delay at 78 minutes. But that’s just counting the flights that were late. After accounting for all flights, US Airways had an average departure delay of 4.5 minutes.

Browse below for specific flight routes by carrier and airport to see the average delay for each over a span of ten years.

When delayed, passengers at Bradley Airport have had to wait an average of 18 extra minutes for their flight to leave. If we focus just on the airlines that sent more than 1,000 flights from Bradley, the average delay drops to 15 minutes.

Flights to Newark were the worst for travelers, with an average delay of 51 minutes. Over 20 years, more than 5,400 flights to Newark had been delayed.

Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport had the most delayed flights from Bradley International — nearly 30,000 over 20 years at an average of 16 minutes.

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