More than $650,000 in rebates for electric vehicles in CT so far

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The state has distributed more than $650,000 in rebates as incentives to lease or buy electric vehicles.

Nearly 300 people have claimed a rebate from the Connecticut Hydrogen and Electric Automobile Purchase Rebate, or CHEAPR, drawing on $1 million set aside from the Northeast Utilities/NSTAR merger settlement fund.

An additional $1 million in funds was announced by the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. The new funding comes from the state’s participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

The new initiative is to encourage state agencies and municipal governments to install charging stations and add electric vehicles to their service fleets.

Cities or state departments can get back $15,000 per electric vehicle or $10,000 per charger. There’s a max of six combined, according to DEEP.

Currently there are 187 publicly available charging stations and 419 plugs across Connecticut. A grant program (EVConnecticut) already has helped finance the installation of 134 charging stations with 194 plugs.

Trend CT looked at the updated figures to check on progress.

The BMW i3 REx and Ford Fusion Energi tied for vehicle models qualifying for the most rebates at 46 each.

Overall, Ford was the manufacturer with the highest percentage of rebates.

Popularity of CHEAPR rebate types
Type Count Amount Total
Less than 7 kWh 15 $750 $11,250
7-18 kWh 112 $1,500 $168,000
Greater than 18 kWh or any fuel cell electric vehicle 158 $3,000 $474,000

More plug-in hybrids and all-electric vehicles were bought in the summer months, though November saw a spike in plug-in hybrid purchases.

In August, the rebates for vehicles with middle-range battery capacity outnumbered others, but in November the majority of rebates were for vehicles with large-capacity batteries and fuel cells.

The southwestern part of the state got the bulk of the rebates.

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