Is CT a good place to raise children? Depends on whom you ask

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Older residents feel more strongly than younger residents that Connecticut is a “good” or “excellent” place to raise children, according to a detailed new survey published by DataHaven.

The 2015 DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey asked close to 17,000 residents of Connecticut and neighboring New York towns more than 100 questions covering topics of personal finance, economic opportunity, health, safety and happiness. TrendCT will continue exploring the survey data.

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  • Residents with children were a little more likely than the general population or residents without children to offer a better than “fair” rating, in part because of a larger share of non-parents reporting they didn’t have enough knowledge to say either way.

    The older respondents were, the more likely they were to rate the state a “good” or excellent place to raise children.

    Wealthier residents were also more likely to have a favorable view of the state as a place to raise children.

    Along racial lines, Asian and white respondents had a more favorable view of the state for raising children than black and Hispanic respondents.

    DataHaven is New Haven nonprofit which seeks to collect and analyze data to aid in public decision-making.

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    • Thank you for writing this! One of the interesting things is that results on certain questions, like this one, vary much more by neighborhood than they do by income level. Check our website next year for the neighborhood-level analyses, additional in-depth survey reports, and new publications covering different cities throughout Connecticut.

    • Concerned

      We found that it was great when the kids were in high school… Now that they are trying to find jobs it is a disaster. Our nieces in Washington DC and Texas jump from one job to another without any downtime, as there are multiple opportunities

      Any of our friends kids with jobs work OUT OF STATE!! The ones who stay sleep on the couch. Connecticut politicians ignore this and seem oblivious to the looming fiscal disaster. no one will be ablee to live in Ct anymore, unless they are a state employee