2015 DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey navigator

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The New Haven non-profit DataHaven recently published a survey of close to 17,000 residents of all Connecticut towns and adjacent parts of New York. The Community Wellbeing Survey includes over 100 questions covering topics including quality of life, health and happiness.

Among the insights gleaned from the data, the survey indicates older residents have a more favorable view of the state as a place to raise children.

DataHaven’s mission is to collect and analyze data to aid in public decision-making.

Below you can view the statewide responses to each question, broken down by response groups based on sex, age, race, income and parental status. The questions are color-coded based on general topics: community, neighborhoods, health, personal finances and demographics, but many questions relate to multiple topics.

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  • please be aware of “skip patterns” in the survey, such as “Q23E1. (If have asthma) During the past 30 days, how often have you used a prescription asthma inhaler during an asthma attack to stop it?” Only adults who indicated in the previous question that they been diagnosed with asthma were asked to answer this question, so the estimates here show the percentages of adults with asthma who have used inhalers, not the percentages of all adults who have used them.