What your neighbors are charging strangers on Airbnb to stay in their homes

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There are more than 1,400 Airbnb.com listings in Connecticut, double what was available last year.

The website is an accommodations marketplace, much like service-sharing app Uber, that lets people rent their homes or spare beds for a given period of time. The company has been valued at $25.5 billion and last year announced it was helping host a million guests a night.

Airbnb has not made it easy to get their housing data, though there is mounting pressure from policymakers for transparency and questions from lawmakers about zoning, permits, and legality.

Trend CT pulled Airbnb listings data from the booking website to analyze the impact of this potentially disruptive service. This is just an initial look. Expect future stories digging deeper into the data.

New Haven has the most listings on the website. As of publication, 113 listings were for entire homes or apartments, 126 were for a private room, and eight were for shared rooms.

Stamford and Stonington also had large numbers, with 81 and 64 respectively.

Bolton and New Canaan had listings with the highest median price per bed per night, at about $200.

Southington and Sprague were the cheapest at about $22 a night per bed.

Some of the most expensive listings were associated with large homes (one on an island) with many beds.

The most expensive? An estate with two homes that could accommodate up to 30 people.

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