Explore CT school districts’ achievement gap by race and ethnicity

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The tool below can be used to explore racial and ethnic achievement gaps on the 2014-15 Smarter Balanced test in many Connecticut school districts.

The CT Mirror reports that a five-month trial starts today to ultimately determine whether the education being provided in Connecticut’s lowest-achieving school districts fulfills the state’s constitutional obligation.

At the bottom is a table showing the statewide rates at which students in each group met or exceeded the goal level.

Statewide achievement on smarter balance testing by race/ethnicity
Race /Ethnicity English proficient (%) Math proficient (%)
American Indian or Alaska Native 44 25
Asian 76 66
Black or African American 30 14
Hispanic/Latino of any race 33 17
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 56 38
Two or More Races 57 40
White 67 50
All Students 55 39
CT State Department of Education

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  • Joseph Brzezinski

    It would be useful if the district results would be sorted in descending order of overall achievement gap – all students, math and English with each bar annotated with district name.
    Some statistics based predictive modeling I have done some testing on indicates that poverty levels in districts are the predominant measure determining achievement levels and associated achievement gaps.
    Nonetheless, after adjusting for mix of poverty levels, ethnicithy, and other statistically significant measures, a number a districts and schools end up exceeding expected achievement levels (including some magnet and charter schools.)

  • fragmannyc

    What, exactly, is the point of this analysis? What is an “Asian” responder, anyway? Is that someone who moved here from Asia (as if “Asia” were a single thing…) or someone who’s third-generation Asian-American? Why is the “Asian” (whatever that is) -“White” (whatever that is) gap so great? What are we doing about the obviously disadvantaged Whites who are doing so poorly against the clearly “privileged” Asians?

    This whole thing is stupid. Why are we classifying humans by their outward appearances? Isn’t this exactly what we have striven to avoid in this country? Isn’t this exactly the kind of divisiveness we are supposed to be destroying?