Presidential campaign contributions from Connecticut

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Republican presidential candidates have raised more money in Connecticut than Democrats, but Democrat Hillary Clinton has raised more than any other candidate vying for for his or her party’s nomination. At least as far as federal data can show.

The Federal Elections Commission released filings listing itemized contributions to presidential candidates Monday. The data include some but not all smaller contributions — those under $200 — which do not have to be reported individually.

So far the presidential candidates’ campaigns have raised $4,373,000 in Connecticut, about 1% of the $430 million raised nationally.

Clinton has raised $1.6 million in the state, followed by Republican Jeb Bush, who raised $1.1 million, Republican Marco Rubio, who has raised $421,000, and Democrat Bernie Sanders, who has raised $270,000.

Itemized contributions navigator, fourth quarter, 2015

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Number of donations

Sanders’ campaign reported the highest number of individual itemized contributions, with a surge in December. However, the federal data doesn’t allow for a consistent comparison.

Donations below $200 do not have to be individually reported, but the campaigns may report none, all or as many of the smaller donations as they wish. Furthermore, an individual might contribute multiple times or pledge to pay a certain amount in installments.

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