City-level data available from big DataHaven survey

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The non-profit DataHaven has published city-level data from its massive, statewide Community Wellbeing Survey, and we built the tool below to help navigate the data.

Data Haven asked more than 17,000 residents of all Connecticut towns as well as bordering New York communities more than 100 questions.

The New Haven non-profit group’s mission is to collect and analyze data to aid in public decision-making.

Trend CT reported on the data and released a similar tool that breaks statewide data down into different demographic groups.

Responses are now available at the county level and for a number of cities and towns. Choose whether you want to view response data on the city, county or statewide level, and then click a question to see how people responded.

Note that many of the questions are related to previous questions. Those related questions have the same question number, followed by a letter, such as Q3A, Q3B, Q3C. Some questions apply only to a subset of the entire 17,000-person respondent group, such as questions for frequent smokers around Q41, so the response data reflects only those people’s responses. Some categories within each response might not be in the same order than what was listed in the original survey results.

Please view the survey files on the DataHaven website for information on survey methodology, margins of error, and additional results.

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