Connecticut near the top in income tax revenue per person

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In 2014, Connecticut took in more state income tax revenue per person than any state except New York.

New Yorkers paid $2,420 per person in income tax, while residents of Connecticut paid $2,340. Connecticut ranked first in per capita income tax in 2012 and 2013, however.

According to an analysis of the 2014 Annual Survey of State Government Tax Collections, Connecticut also ranked fifth in sales tax revenue per person ($1,800) as well as total taxes per person ($4,400) in 2014.

More than 52 percent of all Connecticut’s state revenue comes from income tax.

The next-highest source is the sales and gross receipts tax at about 42 percent. Compare that to South Dakota, where 80 percent of state revenue comes from sales tax and 1.5 percent comes from income taxes.

As a whole, Connecticut doesn’t take in that much tax revenue compared to other states, but then again, it doesn’t have nearly as many residents as the states that come ahead, such as California.

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    This is part of the story. It doesn’t change the fact that the non-wealthy Connecticut resident has a state & local tax burden that’s 2x and 3x of a rich resident, when expressed as a percentage of income. Reduce my state & local tax burden, down to the level of a rich person, (expressed as a percentage of income), I would have almost 35G more in my pocket, over a 10 year period. No wonder the rich get richer, and the non-wealthy gets screwed. Residents need to finally realize what bad representation the non-wealthy have.

  • Andrew, great work on your articles over the past week. This along with the articles on the drug epidemic I think do a fantastic job of putting some of our important public policy issues into context. KEEP MAKING AWESOME