A look at Medicaid enrollment by town

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Medicaid enrollment in Connecticut continues to rise. The program, which provides health coverage for the poor and disabled, now covers one in five state residents.

There were 748,009 Connecticut residents enrolled in Medicaid on Feb. 16, according to the most recent enrollment report.

The portion of Medicaid which covers parents and their minor children, called HUSKY Health Schedule A in Connecticut, has 458,136 recipients across the state.

The map below shows what percentage of each town’s population is enrolled in Medicaid and HUSKY A.

We looked to see whether towns where a large portion of the Medicaid recipients were on HUSKY A also were towns with a younger population. We used census data to determine a town’s median age and under-18 population, but we didn’t find a strong correlation in either case.

The towns and cities with the most of Medicaid and Husky recipients as a percentage of each town’s overall population, include:

  1. Hartford: 58%, Medicaid; 32%, HUSKY A;
  2. Waterbury: 51%, 30%;
  3. New Britain: 47%, 28%;
  4. Bridgeport: 45%, 27%;
  5. New Haven: 44%, 24%;
  6. New London: 43%, 25%;
  7. Windham: 41%, 23%
  8. Norwich: 38%, 23%;
  9. East Hartford: 38%, 23%;
  10. Meriden: 37%, 22%.

Note that we limited our list to towns with populations over 5,000 because per-capita figures from very small towns can be deceiving. Canaan, with a total population of 1,195 actually had the highest percentage of Medicaid recipients at 64%.

The towns with the smallest percentage of the population receiving Medicaid include:

  1. Weston: 3.71%, Medicaid; 2.2% HUSKY A;
  2. Darien: 3.7%, 2.1%;
  3. New Canaan: 4%, 1.9%;
  4. Westport: 5.2%, 2.4%;
  5. Redding: 5.2%, 3.3%;
  6. Ridgefield: 5.4%, 2.654235%;
  7. Wilton: 5.9%, 2.3%;
  8. Easton: 6.3%, 3.4%;
  9. Avon: 6.6%, 2.8%;
  10. Mansfield: 6.8%, 3.6%.

Check our work: The GitHub repository containing our work is available here. We encourage you to look over our calculations and expand upon our work.

Correction: This article has been updated to more accurately reflect current enrollment. It was initially reported there were 823,867 people in Connecticut enrolled in Medicaid and 466,087, but that was based on a given year, and recipients can come in and out of the program throughout the year, so that number is higher than the 748,009 recipients counted in the most recent enrollment report.

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  • Frank Spencer-Molloy

    Do these figures account for elderly in nursing homes on Medicaid?