Database: Fatal plane crashes in Connecticut

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Since 1982 at least 153 people have died in 87 plane crashes in Connecticut, according to National Transportation Safety Board data. There have been 451 accidents in all.

Trend CT examined records on more than 30 years of accident investigations by the NTSB. The records include both non-commercial and commercial flights.

The most deadly accident was a 1994 landing crash in Stratford that left eight dead. (The database at the bottom of this story can be used to browse details and read reports on the accidents).

There were 43 accidents, non-fatal or fatal, in Danbury. The five towns with the most crashes were: Danbury (43); Meriden (21); Oxford (21); Bridgeport (21); andEllington (18). All of those towns have airports.

Groton had the most fatal crashes, with seven, followed by: Danbury (six); Bridgeport (four); Oxford (three); and East Haddam (three).

Few ‘minor’ crashes

While most crashes were not fatal, few were considered “minor.”

In 333 accidents damage to the aircraft was listed as “substantial,” and in 104 accidents the planes were considered “destroyed.” Damage was considered “minor” in just 11 accidents.

Weather conditions

The data indicate whether poor visibility forced pilots to rely more on instruments. In most accidents (393), that wasn’t the case; in 56 accidents, visibility was limited. (In two records, visibility information was unavailable).

About the data

Trend CT did note that the number of plane crashes per year went down over time, but we lacked data on flight hours flown in each year for both commercial and general aviation flights, so we weren’t able to determine how that trend held up. The NTSB data is available here and our analaysis is available in our data repository on GitHub.

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