What people in Connecticut throw away

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More tons of loose food were thrown out by Connecticut residents than any other category of waste, followed by compostable paper, according to a waste characterization study from the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

The Connecticut Mirror recently looked into the difficulty the state has had reducing food waste despite legislation passed in 2011.

Total municipal waste went down since then from 2.38 million tons a year to 2.33 million tons. Meanwhile, food waste increased more than 60 percent from about 321,500 tons in 2010 to about 520,000 tons in 2015. It also increased from 13.5 percent of non-recycled municipal waste destined for landfills or trash-to-energy facilities to 22.3 percent.

Trend CT wanted to look at the overall  makeup of Connecticut’s waste. The state generates about 3.6 million tons of trash per year, and about 30 percent of that ends up being recycled.

Explore what residents and businesses threw out in 2013 in the charts above and below.

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