Voter registrations spike before primaries in Connecticut

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More than 1,940,000 voters are registered to participate in next week’s presidential primary election.

Unregistered or unaffiliated voters have until Monday to register with a party if they want to participate in the presidential primaries.

The number of registrations this year is extremely high, said Secretary of the State Denise Merrill.

“In many ways this is turning into an historic election. One new voter registered online every minute yesterday,” she said. “One per 61 seconds. That is really extraordinary.”

There have been more than 76,000 new registrations since the start of the year and around half of those are people under 30.

Residents are taking advantage of the many methods available to them. About half of the new voter registrations this year came from online.

Republican party registration this year is higher than before either the 2008 or 2012 primary elections at 415,000. Numbers have decreased for Democratic and unaffiliated voters since 2012, with 731,000 and 796,000, respectively.

New Haven, Bloomfield, and Windsor have the highest rate of registered Democrats with 38, 37, and 33 per 100 residents respectively.

New Canaan, Middlebury and Darien have the most registered Republicans per capita with 33, 31, and 28 percent respectively.

Meanwhile, Orange, Middlefield, and North Branford have the highest rate of unaffiliated voters. Orange has a rate of 37 percent, while Middlefield and North Branford have rates of 34 percent.

On the other end of the spectrum, Somers, Oxford and Darien have the smallest rate of Democratic registrants with about 11 each per 100 residents

Hartford and New Haven have about two registered Republicans per 100— the least in the state.

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  • disqus_ikBsv6gjWA

    Thank you for this. Seems like there haven’t been many clear announcements reminding unaffiliated voters of the deadlines to register with a party so they can vote in the April primary. That should be the headline rather than buried deep in the article.

  • Joseph Brzezinski

    Do your data sources differentiate first registrations, or registrations from unaffiliated or switches from dem to rep or switches from rep to dem? Will you have a follow up analysis to see how many registrations stick or revert to another party after either the primaries or the Nov elections?