Connecticut campaign contributions hit high mark in March

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Connecticut residents poured $2.42 million into presidential campaigns in the first three months of the year, ratcheting up support for a thinning slate of contenders, according to Federal Elections Commission data published Thursday.

That brings the total individual contributions from Connecticut to $6.83 million.

The FEC’s report covered individual campaign contributions through March 2016. Individual contributions to campaigns must be reported if they’re $200 or more. Smaller donations can be reported and included in the data as well, but that’s up the campaigns, so the data is not comprehensive.

Republican John Kasich, who trails his GOP rivals in delegate count, has surged ahead in Connecticut contributions. He far outpaces his rivals, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, in raising money here. However, campaign contributions are an especially poor tool for gauging support for Trump, the billionaire GOP frontrunner who has largely financed his own campaign.

No Republican remaining in the race has yet to eclipse Republican dropout Jeb Bush’s $1,090,774 in Connecticut contributions.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton has hauled in $2,772,330.35 and handily out-fund-raised Bernie Sanders and every other candidate in the field. Sanders has raised $962,819 with more than two thirds of that ($670,941) coming in over the last three months.

While Clinton has raised more than twice as much money as Sanders in Connecticut, Sanders raised more money than Clinton in 87 towns, while Clinton raised more money than Sanders in only 78 towns. Sanders also reported far more individual contributions than any other candidate – more than double Clinton’s. Here’s a look at how many contributions each candidate reported: Bernard Sanders, 18,474; Hillary Rodham Clinton, 8,225; Rafael Edward ‘Ted’ Cruz, 2,566; Benjamin S. Carson, 1,782; John R. Kasich, 431; Donald J. Trump, 111.

(Because reporting of the smaller donations is optional, and because the same people might make multiple small contributions, the actual number of individual people who gave to each campaign isn’t known.)

Contributions to all candidates reached a new high in March of $1.08 million, surpassing the June high of $1.03 million.

Mostly Fairfield County money

More than half of the Connecticut contributions, $4,182,941, came from 10 wealthy towns: Greenwich, $1,657,669.82; New Canaan, $546,655.65; Westport, $388,659.37; Stamford, $332,157.99; Fairfield, $285,501.42; Darien, $275,420.89; New Haven, $217,441.20; Norwalk, $183,252.65; West Hartford, $156,475.11; Ridgefield, $139,707.70.

Here’s a look at how much each town gave to candidates on the Connecticut ballot in Tuesday’s primary.

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