Presidential primary results and voter turnout by town

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Tuesday’s Connecticut presidential primary coincided with the premiere of the state’s new election center that allowed moderators at 800 polling stations to input results directly and the public to see those results in real time.

Results started appearing twenty minutes after 8 p.m. when the polls closed. Scotland was the first municipality to enter its results.

There were some data entry issues that made some towns with multiple polling places appear as if they had only one, but officials from the Office of the Secretary of the State, which created the election center, said the problem would be ironed out by November’s general election.

Participation was voluntary, and about 50 towns chose not to use the new system in Tuesday, but all municipalities will be legally required to participate in November. Some large towns that opted not to use the new system included New Haven and Stamford.

Stay tuned for more in-depth Trend CT analysis of the results.

Results are still pending for a number of towns so check back for updated maps.

Mirror reporter Kyle Constable contributed to this report

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