Exploring the life expectancy of Connecticut residents by income

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Life expectancy varies significantly among people of different income levels, and, for the poorest Americans, geography plays a big role too.

That’s a finding from new research published last month that also showed the gap between income groups appears to have widened.

In Connecticut, the life expectancy gaps between the wealthiest and poorest men and women aren’t far from the national averages. Here, the wealthiest 25 percent of men have a life expectancy 8.6 years longer than the poorest 25 percent of men. That compares with the average state-level gap of 8.7 years. For women, the gap is 5.5 years compared with 5.6 nationwide.

In some places, the disparity is significantly higher. The highest county-level disparity was a 14.6-year difference in life expectancy among men in Letcher County, Ky., and 12.46 years for women ini Geary County, Kan. Life expectancy varies far less with geography for wealthier Americans.

The variation in life expectancy from place to place is far more pronounced among the poorest Americans. —Health Inequality Project
Women have longer life expectancies than men

In every quartile, women had a higher life expectancy than men, with the most variation among the lowest earners. Just as with geography, the difference in life expectancy between men and women varies more among the poor.

CT life expectancy for men and women by income range
Income range women men difference
Quartile 1 (lowest) 82.56 77.37 5.19
Quartile 2 84.58 80.65 3.93
Quartile 3 86.28 83.24 3.05
Quartile 4 88.11 86.01 2.1
The Health Inequality Project

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