Only California, Hawaii exceed some CT metros in price of a two-bedroom

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Two of Connecticut’s metro areas rank in the top ten across the country in the price of a two-bedroom rental.

The map above illustrates the disparity in average monthly cost of a two-bedroom unit based on fair market rent for some parts of the country.

San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose areas in California lead the country with the highest cost, followed by Hawaii, and then the two Connecticut metros, according to data from the National Low Income Housing Coalition.

Only two counties in Connecticut were included in their analysis.

Trend CT previously wrote that the organization estimates that residents must earn $24.72 an hour to afford a two-bedroom apartment in Connecticut – or work 103 hours a week at minimum wage.

The Stamford-Norwalk and Danbury metro areas rank fifth and sixth respectively with costs of more than $1,900 and $1,775 per month on average.

The coalition estimates that the annual income required to afford a two-bedroom in Stamford-Norwalk is more than $77,280. In Danbury, that figure is $71,000.

Danbury’s housing wage for a two-bedroom dwelling is 38 percent greater than the state average while Stamford-Norwalk’s is more than double.

Waterbury has the most affordable average rent compared to the other metro areas in Connecticut at $990 a month. That would require an income of more than $39,000 to be affordable.

Explore the table below to compare all metro areas in the country.

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