Campaign update: Clinton’s CT fund-raising accelerates; Trump’s slumps

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Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton notched another best-yet fund-raising month in Connecticut in September, while Republican rival Donald Trump has just managed to keep his monthly haul in six-figure territory.

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The Federal Election Commission’s Oct. 20 individual contributions report, shows Clinton hauling in $1.15 million in September, while Trump raised $104,931. It was Clinton’s best month of the entire election cycle in the wealthy and traditionally blue state, and Trump’s worst month since May, when he raised just over $15,000.

Clinton has raised a total of $6.64 million in individual contributions in Connecticut over the entire election cycle, while Trump has raised $633,975.

Individual contributions include contributions to candidate committees, not to other organizations, such as PACs and national political parties. Contributions over $200 must be reported to the FEC individually, but smaller contributions may be, and often are, reported at the discretion of the committees.

Clinton’s campaign has reported 38,935 individual contributions over the election cycle, while Trump’s campaign has reported 4,602. The number of contributions is greater than the number of people, since many contributors contribute more than once.

[Correction: An earlier version of this story said the Oct. 20 report was the last that would be released before the election. There is one more report due out later this week.]

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