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We’re your headquarters for Connecticut election news and results, interviews and analysis. Beginning today and through Election Day, the Connecticut Mirror will keep you up to speed with a special Election Headquarters bringing together our campaign coverage, live updates throughout Election Day, and results and analysis on election night.

Here are some of the features you will find when you click to the CTMirror Election Headquarters.

Live blog

Our live blog, updated by our staff throughout the run-up to the voting and through election night, will offer all The Mirror’s reporting on the campaigns and links to other coverage and resources around the web.  On Election Day, we’ll report on turnout and be on the lookout for any voting problems.

Voter guide

Our voter guide answers all of your voting-related questions. (Yes, you can take a selfie with your ballot in Connecticut.)

Campaign donations database

This tool allows you to learn who donated money to the presidential candidates and how much.

State Senate candidates and race results

Look up which candidates are competing for a state Senate seat in your district, then get results of the races for the 36 seats in the chamber.

State House candidates and race results

Identify your area’s candidates for the state House of Representatives, then get real-time results of the races for Connecticut’s House of Representatives.

Presidential race results

See how your town voted for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and the minor party candidates.

U.S. Senate race candidates and results

Available here will be results of the U.S. Senate race between incumbent Democrat Richard Blumenthal and Republican challenger Dan Carter.

U.S. House race candidates and results

See town-by-town how the challengers fare in their effort to unseat Connecticut’s five Democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Your town’s ballot

Get the real-time results of every ballot item in your town.

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