A look back at the 2012 presidential election results

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Flashback: November 2012.

Hurricane Sandy hit Connecticut a week before the election. Incumbent President Barack Obama faced challenger Mitt Romney.

About 74 percent of Connecticut voters turned out to participate in the election, which ranked it seventh in the nation.

It wasn’t a record turnout— that was in 2008 and 2004 at 78 percent. Bridgewater, Middletown, and Ridgefield were the top three municipalities for turnout at 95, 90, and 89 percent respectively.

In the end, President Obama reclaimed the White House. He got more than 900,000 votes compared to Romney’s 630,000.

Here’s a refresher on how towns leaned for the presidential candidates in 2012.

Will towns where a majority voted for Obama continue to vote for Hillary Clinton? Will any towns that backed Romney shy away from Donald Trump?

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