Clinton won Connecticut but Trump made gains in the state

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Though Hillary Clinton won the state of Connecticut, in most towns she did not get the share of votes President Obama did four years earlier.

Nine or 10 towns flipped from supporting Mitt Romney in 2012 to voting for Clinton this year— most notably in the Southwest part of the state that has tended to lean Republican in previous elections. Donald Trump, on the other hand, won over about 40 towns in the middle of the state.

These findings are the result of a preliminary analysis of about 97 percent of all precincts that have reported their results to the Office of the Secretary of the State. We’ll continue to examine Connecticut’s performance during the 2016 Presidential election as final data arrives. For now, check out the Connecticut Mirror’s election autopsy report.

Obama outperformed Clinton in about 80 percent of Connecticut’s municipalities.

On a percentage basis, Clinton did better than Obama in about 26 towns, gaining the majority in towns like Wilton, Greenwich, and Ridgefield.

Where Clinton out-performed Democrats in CT
With 607 of 744 (81.59%) of precincts reporting statewide: In these CT towns, Clinton earned a larger share of votes than “down-ballot” Democrats in their respective contests.
town Clinton % Down-ballot % Difference
Westport 68.81 56.19 12.62
Wilton 58.29 46.58 11.71
Greenwich 56.89 45.882 11.008
Darien 52.76 41.89 10.87
Ridgefield 55.32 45.15 10.17
Glastonbury 56.19 46.21 9.98
Fairfield 57.23 47.3685714286 9.9
Redding 56.99 48.01 8.98
Easton 48.63 42.342 6.288
Simsbury 55.94 49.97 5.97
Office of the Secretary of the State

In those towns, Clinton out-performed Democrats down-ballot. She had a larger share than other Democrats in those respective contests.

Trump in Connecticut

Unlike Clinton, Trump outperformed the previous Republican competitor, Mitt Romney, in most towns  2 to 1. Trump gained a larger percent of votes than Romney in nearly 100 towns in Connecticut.

Trump lost ground in some towns, such as Darien, Westport, and West Hartford. But he gained considerably in municipalities such as East Haven, Plainfield, North Branford, and Sterling.

Counter to concerns that he would negatively affect the down-ballot results, Trump actually did better than other Republican candidates in many towns like Sprague and Franklin.

Where Trump out-performed GOP in CT
With 607 of 744 (81.59%) of precincts reporting statewide: In these Connecticut towns, Republican Donald Trump won a larger percentage of votes than other Republican candidates for “down-ballot” races.
Town Trump % Down-ballot % Difference
Sprague 57.33 41.2 16.13
Franklin 55.88 41.086 14.794
Thompson 58.7 45.912 12.788
Bozrah 54.96 42.195 12.765
Putnam 50.45 39.186 11.264
Killingly 56.85 46.17 10.68
Voluntown 62.24 51.952 10.288
Lisbon 53.87 44.74 9.13
Griswold 57.08 47.964 9.116
Plainfield 57.39 48.75 8.64
Office of the Secretary of the State

Jake Kara contributed to this report

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  • pplants

    Looks like the wealthy republicans, who know Trump, flipped to Clinton and the dummies went to Trump.

  • Jill Capalbo

    looks like the Elite stuck together and voted Clinton… corruption runs rampant in CT

  • Lori Hopkins-Cavanagh

    It is unfortunate that wealthy Republicans like Heather Somers who won her senatorial race threw Trump under the bus in the press. Shame on Somers. Hopefully, she will run for Governor as a Democrat. She’s no Republican.

  • ED Doyle

    When you look at the results in CT and the country as a whole I get the feeling that the demorats have turned their working class base against them. Look at who votes for them now. I think it is very hard to turn your base against you but it seems like the liberal/Hollywood types elites running the party have done it. The surprise for me as it took so long for the middle class to figure out that the demorats were putting the screws to them.

    • Barak_Mohammed_0bama

      ED – I don’t think the CT middle class hasn’t “figured it out yet” – I just think they are ashamed to be seen as – (GASP!) republicans – so if you look at CT registration, there is a small group of “R”s – a larger group of “D”s – but an EVEN LARGER group of “I”s !

      And honestly, maybe “I”s make the most sense, given the failure of BOTH parties to help much of anyone other than themselves…

  • mcsooner

    By using the popular vote, not all of the people of Connecticut will be represented. It looks like Trump won more counties/townships. What about them?