Religion mapped across America’s counties

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December is a big month for religious followers.

Evangelical Protestants outnumber other religious adherents in more than half the counties in the country, or about 1766.

Catholics are second, with about 800 counties where they outnumber others. With the most followers in about 500 counties, Mainline Protestants is third.

This is according to a 2010 census from the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies, which gathers stats on religious groups every 10 years.


The majority of religious people in Connecticut are Catholic.

About 1.2 million residents follow the Catholic Church.

The second-most are Mainline Protestants with 280,000 and 157,000 for Evangelical Protestant.

The Country

Here’s where the some of the Christian religions with the highest rates of followers live.


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  • Joseph Brzezinski

    Does your data source include Muslim?

  • FormerMainer

    I assume “other” is Mormon?