TrendCT finds the story in the numbers.

We often start with a question and seek out data to answer it in an analytical manner. Or we find a compelling dataset and unpack it to figure out what it tells us about ourselves.

But we won’t be the only ones telling the stories. People around the state are collecting, analyzing and presenting data — and we want to make sure there is a forum on which to share and discuss these findings. So we are working with contributors who specialize in things like housing, education and energy to help you understand what the data says about your home, your school and your electric bill.

TrendCT is a publication of the Connecticut News Project, Inc., an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization — a 501(c)(3) — created in 2009 to reinvigorate coverage of state government, public policy and politics.

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At TrendCT, we accept work from contributors who use data to tell a story. We ask that they share their data with readers, explain their analysis and allow it to be reproducible. If the author draws conclusions or expresses opinions, we require that they be data-based. Postings should not make public policy recommendations.

We will be transparent about the affiliations of our contributors, and posts will be labeled as commentary as appropriate. We ask that reader discussions around posts be grounded in the data, methodology and conclusions.