Which towns have the most Catholic churches?

Connecticut is one of the most Catholic states in the nation, with about 40 percent of residents saying they are Catholic. But if we’re just looking at the number of churches, some areas in the state are far more Catholic than others.

How long is the commute from your town to work?

There are some towns in Connecticut where it just takes residents longer to get to work. Take Fairfield County, for example. For the average resident in Darien, it takes 35 minutes to get to work. In Westport, it’s 41, and in Weston it’s 42.

Who in Connecticut drives to work? Takes trains? Walks?

About one in 10 Connecticut residents doesn’t drive to work. They either walk — or take trains, cabs, bicycles and maybe even unicycles. (OK, probably not.) According to our analysis, the preferred mode of transportation depends on where someone lives — and what gender they are.