Who is victimized by domestic violence?

Connecticut domestic violence incidents in 2013 involved offenders and victims in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship more often than any other kind of relationship. They involved female victims more often than males, and more victims were over 30 years old than under 30.

Who’s sitting in pretrial detention in Connecticut

Newly released real-time pre-trial inmate data will eventually be able to tell us how long some inmates stay in jail without posting bail compared to others. For now, it can provide a snapshot on who currently is awaiting their turn in the justice system and for what reasons.

Who, where and how often people are stunned by police in Connecticut

The bigger the suspects, the more often police were likely to have stunned them before taking them into custody. White suspects were more likely to be stunned in their home, while black and Hispanics suspects were more often stunned outdoors in a public area. A knife was the weapon suspects were most likely to wield before police deployed a stun gun to incapacitate them.