When does your Connecticut town leave for work?

‘Twas the hours before 5 a.m., when all through the state, people left home at such a slow rate. Just 1 to 2 percent of residents had trudged into sedans to get to their work where they’d execute plans. But near Canterbury and some bordering places, the rates of commuters is larger by traces.

Who in Connecticut drives to work? Takes trains? Walks?

About one in 10 Connecticut residents doesn’t drive to work. They either walk — or take trains, cabs, bicycles and maybe even unicycles. (OK, probably not.) According to our analysis, the preferred mode of transportation depends on where someone lives — and what gender they are.

Which bridges in Connecticut are deficient?

According to the Federal Highway Administration’s national bridge inventory, nearly one in every 10 bridges in the state has been deemed structurally deficient, meaning 413 of the state’s 4,218 bridges in the inventory were deficient in 2013.