Database: Clinton continues trouncing Trump for Connecticut dollars

Updated Oct. 25, 2016 – Democrat Hillary Clinton has left Republican Donald Trump in the dust in terms of Connecticut fund-raising, according to the latest batch of FEC reports. Explore all CT individual contributions with our database below

The Federal Election Commission’s individual contributions report, the last that will be released at the state level before the Nov. 8 election, show Clinton hauling in $1.15 million in September, while Trump raised $104,931.

Analyzing Connecticut’s Democratic primary results

It took a few days but the final results of Tuesday’s primary have been tallied by the Office of the Secretary of the State. That means we can start looking into what the results show, including the Republican results. Hillary Clinton garnered more primary votes than Bernie Sanders, but he won in 116 towns, outnumbering Clinton’s 53. Let’s split up the towns by type (urban, rural, and mixed) and see how each group of towns tended to voted.